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Crush College 4.0 - What is covered in this course?

Exam Performance

Understand how to apply yourself correctly in each exam situation to get your best score. 

Reduce Exam Stress

Overcome exam anxiety by understanding the exam process and having a clear plan.

Marking Scheme Analysis

Understand how marks are allocated and what the examiner is really looking for. 

How to Study Effectively

Study with a clear purpose for each subject and topic. 

Study Motivation

Increase your motivation to study by knowing exactly how to achieve your study goals. 

Bonus Features

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*Students in our beta test group improved their college GPA by up to 0.4 on their previous semester

Frequently asked questions

Who should buy this course?

This course is specifically designed to help students in college / university raise their GPA. 

Are you a final year student looking to increase your GPA before graduation?
Are you a mature student looking for extra help with applying your knowledge in exams?
Are you a postgraduate student looking to get the GPA you deserve?
Are you a student athlete with GPA requirements to maintain your scholarship?
Are you a first year student looking for guidance on college exams? 
Are you a student who has previously struggled with exams in college?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is perfect for you!

How much does this course cost?

Normally, this course will cost €299. Sign up to this course before October 1st at 6pm to save €200 with our special launch price. This course will never be offered at this price again!

What is exam technique coaching?

Exam technique coaching is the deliberate process of teaching students how to sit an exam correctly, in order to maximize their exam results. 

Our exam technique prep courses focus on showing you how to apply yourself in exams to get your best possible score.

How will exam technique coaching help me?

Exam technique coaching will help you get higher grades because you will understand how to apply what you have learned in a way that maximizes your score. Our beta test showed that students could increase their GPA by up to 0.4. 

This course will reduce your exam anxiety because you will understand exactly what you need to do for your exam, and have a clear process to follow. 

What is covered in this course?

This course covers several important aspects of our Exam Performance System. This course will provide guidance on how to prepare for your exams, study motivation, reduce exam stress, how to understand a marking scheme, study with a focus on mark collecting and most importantly, how to perform in the exam itself. You will also be able to ask questions to Dr. David Cosgrave on each topic video. 

Bonus: Students will also receive videos on how to increase grades in your assignments and presentations

Do you offer a guarantee or refund?

If you buy this course by mistake or decide that it's not for you before watching the videos, then we will offer a full refund. We cannot guarantee your exam results. However, we offer students 12 months free access for academic year 2023/24 if you do not increase your GPA after completing this course. (Value €299) 
Meet Your instructor

Dr. David Cosgrave

David Cosgrave is founder of the Exam Performance Institute. Before founding the Exam Performance Institute, David spent over a decade lecturing at three top 1% universities on two continents. David is passionate about teaching students exam technique and wants to help students get their best possible results. 
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