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New Year Special

To celebrate 2024, Exam Performance Institute has a special New Year offer. 

Upgrade your exam preparation with personalised exam coaching for just €99.

Book your exam coaching consultation before January 31st and take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Price will increase after midnight January 31st. Limited spaces available. Don't miss out!

Meet Your Exam Coach: Dr. David Cosgrave

10+ years of exam technique coaching
Creator of the Exam Performance System ©
12 years lecturing experience at three universities ranked in top 1% globally
Regularly featured in international media offering, exam tips

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What does an exam coaching session involve?

 Exams can be daunting for students. At Exam Performance Institute, we understand the unique challenges students face when preparing for exams.

We've seen firsthand how students struggle with developing effective study strategies, overcoming test anxiety, as well as the common exam mistakes that students make every year.

Our session can discuss whatever issue you are dealing with in preparing for your upcoming exam.

Some of the common issues our students face are listed below:

How to study

Study and create your study materials in a way that's best for how you process information. 

Exam anxiety

Remove all unnecessary pressure attached to your exam. Reduce your fear and give you a clear process. 

Exam preparation

Understand the marking scheme of your exam and how to prepare to ensure you maximise your score. 

Exam Performance

What to do in the exam itself, and how to avoid the biggest mistakes made by students that cost you marks. 

Study motivation

Get help finding your 'why'. Understand how to motivate yourself to study and to fight procrastination. 

Lack of focus

Identify underlying reasons for why you lack focus. Develop strategies to help you achieve your academic goals. 

Additional needs

Students with additional educational needs can get help creating exam strategies that work for their specific needs. 

Time management

How to manage your time effectively, how to create an efficient study plan and exam time management. 

Get expert help for your exam prep!


What our students say

Thank you David, for all your help. I found it so useful, not just for my Leaving Cert but I'm sure it will help me in college. I increased my points by 50 from my mocks. 
Andrea - Leaving Cert Student
Thanks for everything, David. Your session really opened my eyes to the simple mistakes I was making. I increased my GPA by 0.4 after working with you. 
Neil - Undergraduate

Frequently asked questions

Who should book an exam coaching consultation?

One-to-one exam consultations are for individual students who would like to improve their exam technique and increase exam scores. I work with students taking 2nd level, 3rd level, graduate and professional exams. 

    Examples of people who have booked consultations are:
  • Students trying to get their highest exam score possible, in order to get accepted to their dream college course
  • Students who regularly work hard but do not achieve the results they feel their work deserves.
  • Students with additional educational needs, such as ADHD.
  • Mature students who have been away from education and want help to understand the best way to study for their needs. 
  • Professionals taking exams looking to balance their studies and work life.
  • Parents who want to understand the best ways to help their children throughout the exam process. 

Is exam coaching the same as tutoring?

No, exam technique coaching helps students understand how to prepare for an exam and perform in exams, in a way that maximises their results. Exam technique coaching is important because our research shows that a high percentage of students are never taught how to sit an exam throughout their entire education.

Tutoring focuses on teaching students specific content or subjects from their curriculum. 

Consultations are for exam coaching only. I do not teach curriculum content to students. 

Do you offer consultations to students with additional educational needs?

Yes, absolutely. It is so important that students with additional educational needs get all possible exam support. I want to help remove any barriers to your exam success. I have previously helped students with diagnoses of ADHD, autism and dyslexia. 

The exam process is stacked against students with additional educational needs. I look to create a personalised frameworks for your child to help you perform in your exams based on what you can do, to give you your own system within the confines of the traditional exam process.  

    Examples of consultations with students with additional educational needs included:

  • Creating a personalised plan for how to manage focus (and time) within the exam.
  • Creating personalised study plans
  • Helping to use additional exam resources correctly e.g. assistive technology or assistants
  • Overcoming exam anxiety based on your diagnosis
  • Increasing motivation to study

Are consultations in person or online?

Individual sessions are online. Once you book your session you will receive a link to access your time slot. Only larger training sessions e.g. schools, companies or institutions are available in person. Please visit our training page for more information

How does the process work?

Select your preferred time and book your appointment through the Exam Performance Institute website. As part of the booking process, you will be asked for some extra details, such as the exam your taking, and to provide details of the exam issue you want to discuss during your consultation. Dr. David will review your form in advance of your session and discuss it with you in detail on the day. 

What support will I receive after my consultation?

All students who book a consultation will be given priority email access to Dr. David Cosgrave. Some students may receive additional materials, e.g. a PDF, depending on the nature of their exam issue. 

How much does a consultation cost?

*New Year Special* - All 2024 consultations booked before January 31st will be €99 per session. Each sessions is 30 minutes. 

*Subject to availability. Limited time offer* Prices will increase after midnight on 31st January. 

How many consultations do I need?

Typically, a student will only need one session for a specific problem e.g. creating a personalised study plan or understanding an exam marking scheme . However, students may wish to book additional sessions for more severe exam issues. 

Students can book regular consultations at their chosen time, subject to availability. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Students who cancel an appointment up to 48 hours in advance will be offered the opportunity to reschedule their consultation at no extra cost. Cancellations made inside 24 hours of your appointment time will not be refunded or rescheduled. 

I'm a parent. Can I attend my child's consultation?

Yes, of course. For students under 18 years old, parents may attend consultations. For students with additional educational needs, it is recommended that parents attend any consultations. 

Can parents book a consultation?

Yes, parents can book a session to discuss their child's exam prep . I'm happy to offer advice to parents on the best ways to support their child throughout the exam process. These sessions can be useful for parents who feel helpless watching their child prepare for their upcoming exams.  

What are your credentials as an exam coach?

Good question. I started Exam Performance Institute out of a sense of duty to students who make the same mistakes every year in exams.

I never intended on starting a business exam coaching. In the beginning, I did exam coaching as a favour to some family friends. Little did I know, that those few sessions would lead to phone calls from strangers begging me to help with their exam prep.  

They felt confused, anxious and needed help.

After conducting scientific research on exams in multiple countries, I saw that students are not taught how to prepare for exams or sit an exam correctly.

This is a huge issue considering exams are the main way that students are assessed in most education systems across the world. 

As a student, I realised there was a system to every exam. This helped me graduate from my university with 1st class honours from both my undergraduate and masters. I even won an award for having the highest GPA in my class.

Since then, I switched to the other side of the classroom and for over 12 years, lectured at three universities in the top 1% globally. 

I have conducted scientific research on several aspects of exam performance. I regularly feature in international media outlets providing exam tips for students and parents. 

Over the last 10+ years, I have helped thousands of students just like you better understand how to prepare correctly for exams. 
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